UCI Cyprus Gran Fondo 2019 tested by two ex-pro cyclists

UCI Cyprus Gran Fondo 2019 tested by two ex-pro cyclists

UCI Cyprus Gran Fondo 2019 tested by two ex-pro cyclists

26 October 2018

Activate Cyprus and Pafos Tourism Board invited Gilberto Simoni and Nicola Loda, two top Italian cyclists in Cyprus, in order to test UCI Cyprus Gran Fondo 2019 new routes. Gilberto SImoni, top cyclist for many years and two times winner of the Giro d’ Italia, and Nicola Loda, ex professional cyclist and winner of last year’s UCI Cyprus Gran Fondo in the Masters 2 category, were impressed by the new routes of the race, which will take place between March 29-31 in Paphos.

The two Italian champions gave also several words of advice in certain technical subjects of the race. One of the most important reasons that the Simoni and Loda were invited by the organizers of the UCI Cyprus Gran Fondo, was the experience of the two cyclists from international level races. Their advices will be taken to account so this year’s race will be even more upgraded from previous years.  

New Routes for stage two and three
The race route for this year will be altered, as it becomes longer and harder, with additional meters of altitude. The first stage of the race will remain the same as the previous years,  the second day the routes stretches northeast towards Vasa and Omodos, and in the third and last day, the route moves to the north of Paphos, towards Statos- Agios Fotios, Choulou and Letimpou, instead of west towards Pegia and Tsada.

Some details for the new two routes

Stage two is 96km long with 1600m of ascent. What makes it interesting are the new sections. First test for the bike and the athlete comes after 41km on a rough asphalt section at the beginning of the long hill after Kidasi village. At the 50th km the route passes through the thrilling cobblestone roads of Vasa Kilaniou. Despite the difficulty the route rewards the cyclists with its scenic views and beautiful Cyprus nature in the wine villages of Pafos and Limassol as well the wild landscape in Diarizos Valley 

Stage three is 53km long with 1500m of ascent. This day will give the stronger riders one more chance to qualify for the Gran Fondo World Championships and will challenge the others one more time. Despite the difficulty a feeling of completion and success combined with the beautiful scenery of the villages of Ezousa valley and the wine villages of Pafos – Statos Agios Fotios – is there to add the cherry on the cake of Cyprus Gran Fondo 2019.

More Details for the routes will be released very soon

Registrations until February 28th

The regular registration period for the UCI Cyprus Gran Fondo 2019 ends on February 28th.

There are three different registration package choices. The Basic package costs €200, the Elite package, which includes memorable gifts and a race photo costs €230 and the PRO package, which includes amongst others technical support and massage after the races costs €400. The registration prices will be increased after the deadline.Holiday packages are also available for riders from abroad as well as Cyprus. The packages combine the race registration and benefits with accommodation in several Paphos hotels. There are a lot of hotel choices for the riders and the prices are proportionate to every hotel’s level.

More information and registrations on www.activatecyprus.com/en/events/granfondo and www.facebook.com/cyprusgranfondo.