Training Camps

Training Camps

Cyprus for your training camps. Perfect place, perfect weather!

You can rely on our long and extensive experience in the field, organizing training camps designed for professional teams and athletes. We have been organizing sport events on the highest level and we know what it takes to organize a professional training camp, delivering quality results.
Our experience includes accommodation and organization of training camps for World Champions and Olympic Champions in Mountainbike, Professional and National Road cycling teams and Biathlon National teams.

We can arrange your accommodation and your transportation needs. We can provide the training venues as well to create training routes for road cycling, mountaibiking, running and swimming according to your requests. We have the ability to identify the athletes' needs and we can offer the best solutions, perfect facilities and training environment for your training camp. We are specialists in organizing training camps for Cycling (All disciplines), Running and Triathlon

Every year world class athletes visit Cyprus as part of their training season. Jaroslav Kulhavy and Sabine Spitz are two Olympic Champions that love training in the island and take part in international races such as Cyprus Sunshine Cup. Other top level athletes that have their training camps in Cyprus are Swiss Thomas Litscher (Former World Champion in MTB), former Marathon World Champion Alban Lakata from Austria , the German Champion and Former World Champion in MTB Manuel Fumic, the Swiss Fabian Giger (European Champion), World Marathon MTB Champion Annika Langvad from Denmark, the Swedish Champion Alexandra Engen, Sixth in London Olympics 2012, the Russian Champion Irina Kalentieva, the Czech Champion Tereza Hurikova and many many more.


'I started coming to Cyprus years ago. Cyprus is perfect in this time of the season. Good weather, good opportunities for training on the mountain bike and on the road as well.There is less traffic and the people are friendly.' 

Jaroslav Kulhavy, Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist


"It’s an amazing place for mountain bikers, I think, because you have gravel roads everywhere on the island and I think also the question of me now is why does half of Norway go to Grand Canaria Island for riding their bike when they can come to El Dorado for biking like here in Cyprus! So they better now start thinking about going somewhere else that is even more good location for cycling both on the road and off road."

Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesja, Olympic Gold Medalist


"I've been in Cyprus every autumn since 2003-2004. Cyprus is a good location for my rides, for my training and I have also the possibility for good relaxing that's also important for a good training camp. And with the races in the spring time that's also an advantage which makes Cyprus as a better training destination."

Sabine Spitz, Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalist