White Rocks X-Triathlon2017

White Rocks X-Triathlon2017

Put on your swimsuit, get on your bike and run! 

The unique Cross-Triathlon event is back updated and refreshed. Be part of it! 

Your favorite cross-triathlon event in Cyprus returns for one more year on a new set date in October, Sunday 8th 2017 at Governor's Beach. 

The event will be OPEN for everyone who can swim, bike and run. There will be also a team classification for Men, Women, Mixed Teams.


Open for everyone! 

The event will be OPEN for everyone who can swim, bike and run!  Each participant will have the choice out of four different distances to will cover depending on his/her fitness. 

There will be also a team relay classification for Men, Women, Mixed Teams, where each member of a team must compete and complete in one of the three sports. Teams must be made up of two or three persons. Teams will be participating in the Middle, Long or Ultra distances. 


Tri Kids News! 

With 150m swim near the coast, 2,5km mountainbike course and 600m run, the most ambitious tri-kids will get the experience of a real X-triathlon event. There will be a near-the-shore swimming section, a shorter mountainbike route (based on the adults route) and a shorter run course (also based on the adults course). 

For the kids there will be a separate start time and different courses for all three sections of the race. There will be individual classification for Boys and Girls ages 6-9 and 10-13 years old, as well as team classification where team can be consisted of 2 or 3 kids of any age and gender. 

All kids must be accompanied by their parents and/or coaches who will need to sign the Waiver of Liability.

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The Swim course 

Kids Distance: 150m

Short Distance: 250m [1 laps x 250m] 

Middle Distance: 500m [2 laps x 250m] 

Long Distance: 750m [3 laps x 250m] 

Ultra Distance: 1000m [4 laps x 250m] 


The Bike course 

Kids Distance: 2.5km

Short Distance: 5km [1 laps x 5km] 

Middle Distance: 10km [2 laps x 5km] 

Long Distance: 15km [3 laps x 5km] 

Ultra Distance: 20km [4 laps x 5km] 


The Run course

Kid's Distance: 600m

Short Distance: 1.4km [1 laps x 1.4km]

Middle Distance: 2.8km [2 laps x 1.4km]

Long Distance: 4.2km [3 laps x 1.4km]

Ultra Distance: 5.6km [4 laps x 1.4km]



Kids Distance: Swimming 150m, Mountainbike 2.5km, Run 600m

Short Distance: Swimming 250m, Mountainbike 5km, Run 1,4km

Middle Distance: Swimming 500m, Mountainbike 10km, Run 12.8km

Long Distance: Swimming 750m, Mountainbike 15km, Run 4.2km

Ultra Distance: Swimming 1000m, Mountainbike 20km, Run 5.6km

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Open Categories (non-licensed athletes)

Kids B Boys/Girls 6-9 yrs Kids Distance
Kids A Boys/Girls 10-13 yrs Kids Distance
Junior B Men/Women 10-13 yrs Short Distance
Junior A Men/Women 14-17 yrs Middle Distance
Men 18-39 yrs Middle/Long/Ultra Distance
Women 18-39 yrs Middle/Long Distance
Master Men 40+ yrs Middle/Long Distance
Master Women 40+ yrs Middle/Long Distance
Team Kids 6-13 yrs Kids Distance
Team Men All Ages      Middle/Long/Ultra Distance
Team Women All Ages Middle/Long/Ultra Distance
Team Mixed All Ages       Middle/Long/Ultra Distanc


CY.TRI.FED licensed athletes

Junior Men 18-19 yrs Ultra Distance
Junior Women    18-19 yrs Long Distance
Men 20-39 yrs Ultra Distance
Women 20-39 yrs Long Distance
Master Men 40+ yrs Ultra Distance
Master Women 40+ yrs Long Distance


Participation Fees

Open Categories (non-license athletes)

Kids Distance:     €10 Individuals | €20 Teams

Short Distance:   €25 Individuals | €40 Teams

Middle Distance: €30 Individuals | €50 Teams

Long Distance:    €35 Individuals | €60 Teams

Ultra Distance:    €40 Individuals | €75 Teams

CY.TRI.FED licensed athletes

Long Distance:   €30

Ultra Distance:   €35

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