Troodos Geopark Enduro 2019

Troodos Geopark Enduro 2019

After a year of a break, The Troodos Enduro is coming back stronger and bigger!!! This unique event in the heart of Cyprus, the Troodos Mountains, has gained respect from many Enduro riders on the island.

In 2019 we aim to organize a high standard event which will be the reason to keep trying to grow the Enduro family in Cyprus!!! Four stages in the amazing singletrails of Troodos area, with physical obstacles that require 100% concentration, skills and of course the soul of an Enduro rider!

Except for the four stages that the riders will have to ride as fast as possible for this edition of Troodos Geopark Enduro 2019 we have added a "Fox Hunt" fun ride on the 12th October. The Fox Hunt will be followed by a party with music and food!

Dates: 12-13 October 2019 - Stay tuned in our facebook page for all the updates!


Enduro is a new Mountain Bike discipline that is gaining more and more popularity in the US and EU. It’s not Downhill, it’s not Cross Country style of MTB.

Enduro racing is heavily inspired by both car rally and motorbike enduro racing. It is a kind of a stage race where the winner is the one who accumulates the lowest combined time from different timed sections. These sections are often technically challenging, ridden on a generally descending terrain.

The special stages are linked by ascending intermediate stages i.e. liaison stages, and they may also exist in ski lift rides. The performance of a rider on the intermediate stages does not affect the rider’s result.

Riders will be starting from Olympus peak, the highest point in Cyprus and will be descending towards the villages around Troodos! Many different Mountain Bike routes (mainly descending) for the Enduro Mountainbike competition will offer much fun and action to participants and spectators.

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Cadet Boys/Girls  15-16 yrs
Juniors Men/Women 17-18 yrs
Men/Women 19-30 yrs
Masters 1 Men/Women 31-40 yrs
Masters 2 Men/Women 41+ yrs
Full Suspension | travel <120mm  
Men/Women 18+ yrs
Men/Women 18+ yrs
Men/Women 18+ yrs


Participation Fee 

Participation fee for the Troodos Enduro Race :       €45

The fee inclused the Fox Hunt event on Saturday 12th of Octobe

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Stage 1: 2.92 Km

Olympos - Ski track - Old ski lift – Atalanti trail section [VIEW HERE]

Stage 2: 2.73 Km

Makria Kontarka – Amiantos trail [VIEW HERE]

Stage 3: 

Olympos – towards Atalanti trail

Stage 4: 4.55 Km

Karekla Makariou (with off-piste part) - Psilo Dentro [VIEW HERE]


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Event News
Saturday 12th of October
Meeting at Troodos Square. Welcoming drink, briefing of the weekend activities. Bike loading and Transfer to Olympus peak.
Fox Hunt event - Olympus to Agios Nikolaos
Transfer from Kakopetria to Troodos
Party in Troodos square with Music and BBQ
Sunday 13rd October

The program for the start times for each stage is preliminary. Final program will be published the week prior the event.

08:00 - 09:00
Race bag collection in Platres
Transfer from Platres to Olympos peak
Start of Stage 1

Olympos - Ski track - Old ski lift – Atalanti trail section 

Start of Stage 2

Makria Kontarka – Amiantos trail 

Transfer from Amiantos to Olympos peak
Start of Stage 3

Olympos – towards Atalanti trail

Start of Stage 4

Karekla Makariou (with off-piste part) - Psilo Dentro 

Award Ceremony at Platres