Pafos Sprint Triathlon 2019

Pafos Sprint Triathlon 2019

Paphos Nautical Club and Paphos Municipality organize the Paphos Sprint Triathlon which will take place on the 19th of May 2019. The race venue will be the Municipal Baths ( Mpania ) and it will be a Sprint Distance Triathlon ( 750 meters swim, 20 km bike and 5 km run). All routes are clearly demonstrated in this webpage.


Draft legal bike race. 

This is a draft legal race. Only bikes and equipment for this type of race are allowed. Triathletes must keep to the left hand side of the lane unless they are about to pass. Blocking an athlete wishing to pass another athlete and interfering with this action is prohibited and will lead to a disqualification. All bikes that are going to be used by the athletes must be like this PHOTO. The entire event will be monitored by Technical Officials of Cyprus Triathlon Federation.


Transition Area is the deck between Alea and Mpania Caffe. It will open at 7:00 in the morning for athletes only for bike placement. Athletes are only allowed in the transition area before, during and after the race. All athletes and relay teams will have their own race basket and a place to put their bike. After the race is finished please pick up your bikes no later than 11:30. After 11:30 the bikes will be left un-attended and there will be no guarding, therefore no safety for your belongings.


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Swim Section 750 meters ( 2 Loops ) Temperature of water in May is usually is between 12 to 20 Celsius therefore wet suits will be allowed. If water temperature is more than 22 Celsius, wet suits will not be allowed. Triathletes will be swimming in any stroke they want towards the first buoy, where they must overpass it leaving it on their right hand side. Then they need to swim to buoy 2 where they must take a right hand turn leaving the buoy again on their right, and then swim to buoy number 3 where they will leave it on their right. They must repeat it twice and finally swim towards the exit from the sea via the stairs. In case an athlete does not “clear” the buoys as depicted there is a possibility of a DQ exists. After exiting the sea all athletes have to follow the signs towards the Transition Area.


Transition Area - Pre Bike Entering the transition area the triathletes can run or walk towards their respective bike and wear their cycling helmets and before picking their bikes, they must wear a top - (no bare torsos are allowed). No riding is allowed in the Transition area and athletes must push their bike up to the clearly marked mounting line.


Bike Section (ONLY Road bikes without bars, no TT or TRI bikes)

Bike section will be closed for traffic and Athletes will cover the 20 km distance starting from Transition Area passing front of Almyra Spa, turn left at Alexander the Great Hotel, turn left on the traffic lights moving to Spirou Kiprianou Avenue until traffic lights, turn right back to Spirou Kiprianou Avenue until the roundabout, back to Alexander the Great Hotel and then to Transition Area where they must turn again at the Check Point. All athletes must do 4 Loops. The bike section is clearly marked and marshaled. Triathletes must follow signs and directions given by marshals and race director in race official vehicle. Be courteous to follow athletes and avoid non “fair play” at all times. The course is technical, very fast and care is needed. Triathletes are responsible to count how many laps they have covered. The organizers will score passing’s of each athlete in each lap and they will DQ an athlete who has covered fewer laps.

Transition Area - Post Bike

At the finish of the bike section at the clearly depicted mount/dismount line all triathletes must dismount and push their bikes to the bike racks, were they must ensure that the bike is safely secured on the rack. Immediately after that, athletes head towards the run course as directed by Marshals. In case an athlete has received a Penalty violation it has to be served immediately after the bike segment at the Penalty Box.


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Run Section

The run section is a point to point flat route 2,5km long. The participants will run 2 loops x 2,5km after they exit the Transition area heading east following a path - pavement. There will be 1 water station and signs to direct the triathletes towards the finish. Triathletes are advised to be careful from other pedestrians on course due to the fact that they will also be allowed to walk on the same path. No bare torso is allowed, and no pushing or non- sportsman like behavior is allowed. Even though marshals will aid in the direction of the run course, it is the triathlete’s responsibility to follow the signs that lead clearly to the finishing line. ATHLETES MUST PUT ON THEIR RUNNING BELT, WITH THEIR BIB NUMBER ON BEFORE EXITING THE TRANSITION, TO ENTER THE RUN COURSE


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Download and read the essential Race Manual with all the details regarding the race, routes and transitions, rules and regulatios, categories and program.


Pafos Sprint Triathlon 2019 - Race Manual Greek

Pafos Sprint Triathlon 2019 - Race Manual English

11:00 - 13:00
Race Package Pick

You can pick up your race package at Race Venue, the Municipal Baths

15:00 - 17:00
Race Package Pick

You can pick up your race package at Race Venue, the Municipal Baths

06:30 - 07:30
Race Package Pick

You can pick up your race package at Race Venue, the Municipal Baths

07:00 - 08:00
Bike placement for athletes only to Transition Area

All athletes must place their bikes in to Transition Area.

08:15 - 10:45
Race time - Pafos Sprint Triathlon

The race starts at 8:15. Estimated finish time is 10:45

11:00 - 11:30
Award Ceremony

The award ceremony will take place at the finish area.