Ocean Lava Pafos 2019

Ocean Lava Pafos 2019

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Activate Cyprus and Mokapot Productions merge their powers in order to innovate triathlon in Cyprus. Two of the greatest triathlon organizers in the island are co-organizing the Ocean Lava, Paphos Cyprus in 2019. National event Pafos Triathlon, a very significant part of the Cyprus Triathlon Championship, evolves into the Ocean Lava. The integration of the event into the Ocean Lava World Series, which includes 18 events all over the world, is considered to be a huge innovative step, targeting the expansion and future establishment of the competition as a world range event.

Ocean Lava Paphos, Cyprus is more than an event. It is a triathlon race designed by triathletes for triathletes, a celebration of active lifestyle and family. Anyone with a passion for outdoor activities and endurance sports can be part of Ocean LavaPaphos; Moms, Dads, Kids, CEOs, Teachers, Surfers, Paralympic, Swimmers, Bicyclist, Runners, you are all invited to join the Ocean Lava Paphos concept- whatever your level.

Our vision is to deliver a high quality race, part of a global circuit that will enable athletes to fulfill their dreams, share their stories and give their family and supporters first priority. Ocean Lava Paphos will provide the stage of a fair race with equal opportunities for all its athletes and a great experience for families, spectators and sponsors.

Last but not least, Ocean Lava Paphos identity is based on the characteristics & culture of the host city and bold loyalty to local flavors, languish, music, food and traditions.Our ambition is to create a legacy for local as well as International athletes by delivering social inclusion and welfare to a great destination and unite all athletes under the umbrella of friendship in sports.

2018 Ocean Lava Planet members are: Montenegro, Tenerife, Ukraine, Madeira, Portugal, Malta, Rhodes Greece, Slovenia, Wales, Lanzarote, Poland, Romania, Reunion, Ireland.


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The race venue will be the Municipal Baths (Mpania) in the heart of Pafos touristic area and the set-up will be magnificent. The organizers, will present the only Triathlon to be held on the West part of the island. In April ambient temperatures are min/max 12-23 C⁰, ideal for a Triathlon, and it is expected that it will be a wetsuit swim, in crystal clear Mediterranean waters. A tried and tested (Triathlon Race) - flat bike course, secured from traffic, while the run course, will cover one of the most scenic paths of Pafos, a few steps from the beach taking athletes from the transition area to the pafos coastal walking and running path and back to the Municipal baths are where the finish will occur. 


The Swim course

Kids Distance: 750m

Olympic Distance: 1500m [2 laps x 750m]

Spring Distance: 750m [1 lap x 750m]


The Bike course

Kids Distance: 3Km

Olympic Distance: 40Km [4 laps x 10km]

Spring Distance: 20Km [2 laps x 10km]


The Run course

Kids Distance: 750m

Olympic Distance: 10Km [4 laps x 2.5km]

Spring Distance: 5Km [2 laps x 2.5km]

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Paphos, a coastal city found in the southwest of Cyprus, is full of history and nice vibes. The city served as the capital of the country for many years in antiquity while today the entire town of Paphos is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site. Once in Paphos you should not miss the chance to admire some of the major archaeological attractions of the city such as the Tombs of the Kings - dated back to the 3rd century BC - and the stunning Mosaics of Paphos found close to the Medieval Fort of Paphos.

Home to some of the cleanest and stunning beaches on the island so it is not a coincidence that Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, chose the waters of Paphos to be born. However, Paphos is not only about the sea; one can find here numerous picturesque villages - like Peyia and Kathikas - where time seems to have stopped.

The city’s varied cycling terrain, which combines long hills and idyllic scenery paired with a vivid all year-round cultural activity makes Paphos an ideal destination for cycling and triathlon training camps. With 326 sunshine days per year, its own airport and world class facilities Paphos wins the hearts of active lifestyle lovers from all over the globe time and time again.

For more information and things to do whilst you are in Pafos please visit www.visitpafos.org.cy

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