O3 OlympusMan Triathlon 2019

O3 OlympusMan Triathlon 2019

Do you have what it takes to be an Olympus Man?!

Saturday 16th of November

OlympusMan O3 is a one of its kind in Cyprus triathlon and one of those events every hardcore triathlete must have in his/her “bucket list”!

The course runs point-to-point, from Paphos coast, through the beautiful Diarizos valley, the vineyards region and thick coniferous forests to, finally, finish on the top of the island, the Olympus peak. OlympusMan is a long day’s challenge through some of Cyprus’s most spectacular scenery.

At the beginning of November the climate of Cyprus offers excellent conditions for such an endeavor! The Mediterranean Sea water is at a perfect 21°C temperature and crystal clear. The air temperature most likely will be at around 22-25°C on the lower sections with an expected 13-14°C on Olympus peak.


108,9km total distance  |  3000m+ of total ascent  |  3 sports  |  1 target, the summit

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The concept here is pretty simple - you start from sea level in Pafos and finish 1952m above sea level, at Olympus peak, in the Troodos Mountain! Epic, isn’t it?

The course is without doubt one of the most challenging Half Iron distances on the planet. An early morning 1.9k swim at Pafos harbor, followed by an 86km bike section with over a staggering 2,600 meters of ascent. The last leg would be an off-road half marathon with 350 meters of ascent gradually spiraling up to the summit of Olympus at 1952 meters.

During the test day, Sean McFarlane (Merrell's endurance ambassador) said for his fellow triathlete Chris Volley (British Triathlon): “Chris was like a kid in a sweet shop and fuelled by our staggering surroundings, he was hammering on like an over-excited gazelle.”

Before the light is gone you will be on the top of the mountain. Then you are an OlympusMan!


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The Swim course

1.9km [2 laps of 950m]: Swim in the Pafos Municipal Baths  |  GPX File

The Bike Course

86km | +2159m: Bike starts from Pafos (T1) to Troodos Square (T2)  |  GPX File


The Run Course

21km | +757m: Run starts from Troodos Square (T2) and takes in two of the hardest and most scenic off road trails in Cyprus, the Atalanti and Artemis.  |  GPX File


OlympusMan2018 - Courses and Profile


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Sport Men/Women:        18-39 years old

Masters Men/Women:    40+ years old 

Relay Teams:                 Men/Women/Mixed 


Participation Fees & Payment Policy

Individual participation:   €120

Team Participation:         €150


The entry fee includes:

1 finishers T-shirt for the athlete
Transportation by bus back down to the starting area from the Troodos mountain for the finishers
Service at the transition zones, checkpoint and finish line
Food/drink stations zones with fruits, water and cakes!
Soup at the finish line
Shower and change rooms after the finish
Finishers medals
and your O3 OlympusMan goody bag


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