"0-2000" Cycling Challenge

Escape from the Ordinary!

Sunday 2nd of June 2019

After seven successful events, your favorite and challenging road event, the "0-2000" is back on Sunday 2nd of June 2019 for one more fascinating challenge! The hardest and most challenging Road Cycling race in Cyprus has a name and this is "0-2000"! In this case, the name says it all: where you start from, what to expect and where you finish!

There are many roads that start at sea level and can take you up the top of the Cyprus Mountains, the Olympus peak at almost 2000m above sea level. We choose the shortest thus the steepest, most scenic and toughest route to the top! Will you miss this experience this year?



Starting from 0 meters Above Sea Level and finishing on almost 2000 meters, at the highest peak of Cyprus - Olympus (1952 m), this is the race that time is not the target, the top is! It's what we say, "Sky is the limit"!! After 75km of uphill riding, you will conquer the top of the highest mountain in Cyprus!

The race starts in Limassol at MyMall, and heads towards Kolossi, Kouris Dam, passes through the scenic rural roads of Lofou, Pera Pedi and Platres to finish on the top of Troodos, the Olympus peak. After the finish, the participants will have the time to relax in Troodos Square before heading back to the starting point by bus (optional)!


As always we try to keep you motivated to new challenges, here we present the 0-2000 route for 2019 which is slightly different than the previous editions! A new section starting from Pera Pedi and passes from Pera Pedi Dam and nearby Millomeris waterfall! The section has some steep parts, a short rough terrain and an amazing scenery!



Junior Men/Women 17-18 yrs
Men/Women 19-29 yrs
Young Masters 1 Men/Women 30-34 yrs
Young Masters 2 Men/Women 35-39 yrs
Expert Masters 1 Men/Women 40-44 yrs
Expert Masters 2 Men/Women 45-49 yrs
Veteran Masters 1 Men/Women 50-54 yrs
Veteran Masters 2 Men/Women 55+ yrs


Participation Fees

Participation fee for the 0-2000 race :       €30

Transfer after the event to Start point:      €12

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Who will be the first "King / Queen of the Mountain" 2019? 

In this year's 0-2000 road challenge we introduce the King of the Mountain and Queen of the Mountain jerseys. There are 4 jerseys to be awarded: 

  • King of the Mountain - Athletes of the Cadet/Junior/Elite categories of the CCF
  • King of the Mountain - Athletes of the Masters Categories of the CCF and CFA Athletes 
  • Queen of the Mountain -  Athletes racing the Cadet/Junior/Elite categories of the CCF
  • Queen of the Mountain - Athletes of the Masters Categories of the CCF and CFA Athletes 

*Regardless of their "0-2000" Cycling Challange race category.

Who will be the 2019 King of the Mountain and Queen of the Mountain? Are you a contender???

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Event News
Sunday 2nd June
06:00 - 07:00
Race bag pick up at the MyMall, Limassol
Start of the race
Αward ceremony at Troodos square in front of Troodos Hotel