Stage 3: Another chance to the World Champs!

Stage 3: Another chance to the World Champs!

Some additional climbing for you on the last day and of course a completely different route!

02 November 2018

As a qualifier event for the UCi Gran Fondo World Series we have observed that your - the participants - level is increasing year after year so this year we have some additional climbing for you on the last day and of course a completely different route! 

Starting as always in front of the Pafos castle and riding east until Ag.Varvara village where we will have a flying start of the timing section. Here is also where the climbing starts. All uphill sections are of an average steepness of 5.5 - 6% with an exemption of a shorter hill at the 29th km from the start which averages 9% for 700m.  Piece of cake!

From that point onwards you are already 550m above sea level and enjoying the scenery of Ezousa's valley on your left and the Xeros potamos valley on your right will take your mind away from the pain!  

Once you have reached the first peak, before Statos - Agios Fotios village, you are now descending in one of the most pleasant descents of the area. Occasionally you will ride on the ridge of the mountain and in other sections you will ride between deep cliffs. The descend way to Choulou village is where your heart will be taken away. You need to be a bit more careful on a couple of 180degrees turns at the beginning of the descend and before entering the village of Choulou the road gets narrow so some more extra attention is needed here.

Choulou is a small village with a nice coffee shop in the center where you always feel welcome for a coffee and a snack. 

From Choulou to Letymbou you have one shorter hill to overcome before descending again in in Letymbou village where the last feed zone will be located. From Letymbou you start ascending on a 3km long uphill towards Kallepia and the finish village of Tsada (same as in 2018).

As all good things come to an end, so is your 3-day trip in the beautiful area of Pafos. We are sure that you are tired but you have just accomplished one more targets as a cyclist! Congratulations, Cyprus Grand Fondo 2019 is behind you with a successful finish in Tsada.

See you in 2020.