Olympic Winners and World Champions enjoy training in Cyprus

Olympic Winners and World Champions enjoy training in Cyprus

16 February 2018

Some of the most important names in world mountainbiking are currently in Cyprus, completing their pre-seasonal training, just before the beginning of the new season, Yana Belomoina, Jaroslav Kulhavy, Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesja and Githa Michiels are some of the names that have chosen the Mediterranean island for training purposes. Anna Van Der Breggen has also chosen Cyprus for her training camp destination and the Sunshine Cup as her MTB test race!

Perfect conditions
The mild temperatures, the weather conditions, the facilities and the different routes are the most important aspects that make Cyprus a perfect training destination for so many mountainbikers all over the world and the reason why some of the most important riders of the world choose Cyprus for their early season training. Some days after the Sunshine Cup concludes, the same riders will fight for a place on the podium in the first world cup of the year in South Africa.

Mid-February in Cyprus, even if traditionally is one of the coldest periods on the island, most of the days are usually sunny and in some cases exceptionally warm around mid-day. With a very rare chance of rain, the weather conditions are ideal for any cycling training type: road cycling, mountain bike, ascent or descent.  

The excellent connectivity between the two national airports of the island, as well as the various accommodation options all over the island and especially near the training venues, are two very important factors that the top riders of the world choose Cyprus as their training base.

Cyprus Sunshine Cup – A classic season opener

Once again the Cyprus Sunshien Cup will become the playground for World Elite mountainbike racing. Litscher, Der Breggen, Belomoina, Dahle Flesha and Michiels will combine their training with the Sunshine Cup competition, one of the world’s most significant Mountain Biking events.

And with the first World Cup some weeks away, we would expect riders to be on their top form!

The Cyprus Sunshine Cup is taking place for the 22nd consecutive year in Cyprus mountainous areas between the 22nd and 25th of February and March 3rd.  Jaroslav Kulhavy, Grant Ferguson and Thomas Litscher are amongst the top riders that will be visiting the island for the Cyprus Sunshine Cup 2018, sharing the ambition of performing their best at the greatest cycling event of Cyprus.