#HaveYouGotWhatItTakes to become the O3 Olympus Man?

#HaveYouGotWhatItTakes to become the O3 Olympus Man?

Three challenges are awaiting you in order to conquer the tip of Olympus on Troodos Mountain.

08 October 2018

The first obstacle is on the Paphos Municipality Baths, where you will have to swim 1.9km, on November 17th 2018. In recent years, the water temperature at the starting point in November has been between 21 and
23 degrees Celsius. The swim will begin with a deep water start.

As soon as you finish your two laps, you will take your bike and ride 86km, towards the Troodos Mountain, with 2600m ascent. The route will pass from Achelia, Nikoklia, Agios Nikolaos, Platres, Prodromos and finally Troodos Square.
The organizers will provide aid stations with water, fruits, cakes and ready mixed carbohydrates along the bike course. These stations will be at:

> 36km in Kidasi;
> 57km in Platres; and
> 76km in Promodros.

The last challenge is to run 21km to the top of Olympus, with 350m of ascent, and become the O3 Olympus Man. The run course takes in two of the hardest and most scenic off road trails in Cyprus, the Atalanti and Artemis. The last kilometer follows the dirt road leading up to the summit of Mount Olympus.
The last 300m are particularly steep and on rough terrain.There will be 4 water and feed zones at: 

> 3.5km;
> 13km;
> 17km; and
> 20km

These are the three challenges to complete the half iron man race, beginning from sea level and ending 2000m above. So… HAVE YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES?