8 Steps Towards Olympus: STEP 8 - FINAL WEEK

8 Steps Towards Olympus: STEP 8 - FINAL WEEK

16 November 2018

In cooperation with Exercise Physiologist and Certified Triathlon Coach, Mr. Kypros Nicolaou, we are giving you the 8 steps that will help you reach the tip of Olympus and become the an O3 Olympus Man 2018. The Final Week.

As the final week is upon us the best approach for ensuring a fresh start is to reduce significantly the training volume in all three disciplines. Keeping the three sports  in your week though is a must, what you can  remove is a lot of their duration / km. Keep the brain and central nervous system remembering what it means to deliver power to  the pedals, keeping the leg stride/ frequency moving, and the horizontal body positioning in the water well rehearsed.

The intensity efforts of the week are as close to race pace however the duration is at a fraction of what you will be racing. It is also advised to even try very short duration (10-30sec) of supra- race pace efforts to ensure a shock in the system is well received and  rehearsed. Making sure race pace intensity is a topic well known to you, will give confidence to the participant that the right prep work was done. Do not try to fulfill your week with sessions that are long and so strenuous taxing you so much that recovery is close to impossible to obtain.

Hydration and macro-nutrients replenishment is a well known tactic that will ensure proper prep for this final week. Do not restrict carbohydrates or fats or proteins from your diet in lieu to a weight loss program, since this technique will only leave you depleted and with low energy levels.   Ensure the right amount of carbohydrates exists the final 3-4 days. Over- do the eating behavior though, and it is not impossible to get to the race start with 1-2 kg heavier.